Country Code Prefix Barcode

What is this and what does it mean?

Barcode numbers that begin with specific country codes are barcode numbers that come directly from the GS1 of a particular country or are issued by an official standards agency in that country.

In countries where there is GS1, The only legal way to get started with these custom country codes is to join GS1 – this means completing their membership forms and paying the joining fee and annual membership fee to GS1 – which is very expensive (the GS1 license just numbers you – so you have to pay its annual fee every year for the rest of the life of your product). Please read this article by Peter Strong (Chairman of the Small Business Council of Oman) on “Shadow Regulators”. These are not for-profit organizations that have a monopoly control over the business community.

In countries with a non-GS1 standards body, Figures for each country can be obtained from that body, or the International Barcode Network Agency in that country.

Many people mistakenly believe that the first few digits of barcode numbers indicate the country of origin of the product. However , The barcode number does not say anything exactly about the country of origin of the product. The only thing these first few numbers show is the country of origin of the barcode number itself. So , In fact , Products that come from any particular country can have any barcode on them.

If you want to prove that your product is made in your country, for example , New Zealand, The best way to do this is to print “Made in New Zealand” or something similar on the product. This is a declaration claim and must be substantiated if it is challenged. (Some manufacturers also print “Made in New Zealand” directly above the barcode to help customers.)

The myth of the barcode number stating the country of origin of the product is an ancient myth that has been completely debunked. Please see the Snopes article on the origins of this myth as well as its debunking.

All barcode and barcode systems are designed for international use, So there are almost no restrictions based on country of origin worldwide. Any specific examples of stores that place any kind of restrictions on barcodes can be seen here .

We are a member of an international network of barcode sellers and have customers in over 120 countries who use our barcodes without any issues.

Here is a list of country codes from GS1 organizations and other standards agencies around the world:


0 USA / Canada
1 United States of America
30 – 37 France and Monaco
380 Bulgaria
383 Slovenia
385 Croatia
387 Bosnia and Herzegovina
389 the black Mountain
390 Kosovo
40-44 Germany
45 Japan
46 Russia
470 Kyrgyzstan
471 Taiwan
474 Estonia
475 Latvia
476 Azerbaijan
477 Lithuania
478 Uzbekistan
479 Sri Lanka
480 philippines
481 Belarus
482 Ukraine
483 Turkmenistan
484 Moldova
485 Armenia
486 Georgia
487 Kazakhstan
488 Tajikistan
489 Hong Kong
49 Japan
50 United kingdom
520, 521 Greece
528 Lebanon
529 Cyprus
530 Albania
531 Macedonia
535 Malta
539 Sultanate of Oman
54 Belgium and Luxembourg
560 Portugal
569 Iceland
570 Denmark
590 Poland
594 Romania
599 Hungary
600-601 South Africa
602 Boys
603 Ghana
604 Senegal
608 the two seas
609 Mauritius
611 Morocco, West, sunset
613 Algeria
615 Nigeria
616 Kenya
618 Côte d’Ivoire
619 Tunisia
620 Tanzania
621 Syria
622 Egypt
623 Brunei
624 Libya
625 Jordan
626 Iran
627 Kuwait
628 Kingdom Saudi Arabia
629 The United Arab Emirates
64 Finland
660 Benin – Issued by ANM Benin
69 China
70 Norway
729 Israel
73 Sweden
740 Guatemala
741 El Salvador
742 Honduras
743 Nicaragua
744 Costa Rica
745 Panama
746 Dominican Republic
750 Mexico
754-755 Canada
759 Venezuela
760-769 Schweizer and Liechtenstein
770-771 Colombia
773 Uruguay
775 Peru
777 Bolivia
779 Argentina
780 Chile
784 Paraguay
786 Ecuador
789-790 Brazil
800 – 839 Italia
840 – 849 Spain
850 Cuba
858 Slovakia
859 Czech Republic
860 Serbia
865 Mongolia
867 North Korea
868 – 869 Turkey
87 Holland
880 South Korea
885 Thailand
888 Singapore
890 India
893 Vietnam
896 Pakistan
899 Indonesia
90-91 Austria
93 Sultanate of Oman
94 New Zealand
955 Malaysia
958 Macau
96 GS1 Global Office: GTIN-8 customizations
977 Serial Publications (ISSN)
978-979 Bookland (ISBN)
980 Return vouchers (redemption receipts)
981-983 Coins Coupons
990-999 Coupon Codes