barcode holders

Obtaining a barcode for your product need not be an expensive exercise.

We aim to support Omani entrepreneurs and businesses by making it easy for you to obtain barcodes at affordable prices.

Here are some of our barcode savers:

  • We will never charge any future fees (all our barcode prices are a one-time cost).
  • We do not charge a joining fee. You will be charged only the price of your barcode.
  • We do not charge additional fees for registering your barcode – the cost of registering a barcode is included in the price of barcode packages .
  • We offer wholesale packages at competitive prices, Which means the more you buy, The more you save the more.
  • We provide barcode number and image packages – there is no need to go elsewhere to get a picture of the barcode number you just purchased.
  • Our barcodes are universally accepted , So there is no need to purchase separate barcodes if you want to sell your product in other countries.
  • We check all of our barcodes for illegal use before they are sold, This ensures that the barcodes you get are accepted without problems. It can be a costly exercise if you purchase “cheap” barcodes that may already be in use as you will likely need to pull your products from retailers, redesign the packaging with new barcodes, and resupply.
  • We can run verification reports on our barcodes before a full product run is conducted to ensure that your packaging meets the requirements for scanability by retailers.
  • Our barcodes are automatically emailed to you from your order, Which means you can get your product to market faster without any costly delays.

We recommend that when searching for barcode holders, keep the following in mind:

  • Check out the good verified reviews – real happy customers are a good sign!
  • Buy from distributors who have a long standing presence in your market and internationally.
  • Ensure that your distributors have been around for long enough to provide expertise and experience with barcodes .
  • Check to make sure they offer after sales service – do they have a phone number or email address you can contact if you run into any problems?
  • and finally, Can they view which products are currently using their barcodes ?