ISSN Barcode Images

Here you can purchase ISSN Barcode images (based on your ISSN number). These will be manually created and emailed through to you in 5 different formats (eps, bmp, jpeg, tif, pdf) once the order has been received. Please enter your 8 digit ISSN Number in the “additional information” section when you are checking out. If you don’t have an ISSN number yet please apply for one from the Oman ISSN Agency, and then come back here to purchase the barcode images for it.

Quantity    Price per image
1 30.00
2 25.00 each
3 20.00 each
4 + 16.00 each


ISSN Barcode


Quantity discounts
1 2 3 4-9 10-19 20-49 50+
ر.ع.30.00 ر.ع.25.00 ر.ع.20.00 ر.ع.16.00 ر.ع.12.00 ر.ع.8.00 ر.ع.4.00
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